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Supercharge your property ad on the UK’s biggest property websites.
Connect your property with the biggest audience and be seen by buyers or tenants seeking property in your area.
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Create and manage your properties with
one simple platform.

Select Your Package
Select a sales or lettings package.
You can enhance your ad with optional extras to attract more interest.
Build your Listing
Describe your property your way and highlight it’s best features.
Drag and drop your photographs or request our photographers to drop by.
Go Live
Your property featured on the UK’s biggest property sites.
Submit your proof of ownership and property ad for approval and wait for the enquiries to roll in!
Agree an offer with a buyer or tenant.
Let us deal with instructing solicitors or referencing checks.
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Why QuicklisterPro
Take control of your property marketing.
Promote your property where it matters for buyers and tenants.
  • Expert support when you need it
  • Edit your marketing at anytime
  • 6 weeks marketing (Lettings)
  • 3 months marketing (Sales)
  • Save thousands in commission fees
Every property gives back!
Quicklister donates to The National Forest environment project in the Midlands to help grow and manage the woodland environment for all to enjoy.
Think smart. Think Quicklister Pro
Average time our customers have their listing live on Rightmove and Zoopla after submission.
Average cost saved when selling your home through Quicklister.
Average cost saved by landlords per 12 month tenancy agreement.
  • Fantastic! Very efficient service. We got an excellent response level, enquiries poured in so fast that we took our property off after 24 hours.
  • Very simple and straightforward on line process with excellent communication throughout and very efficient service. I will definitely use again.
  • All the staff were very helpful and patient with those of us that are not familiar with the format. Had great results and had a tenancy agreed within ten days.
28 Google reviews
karen robinson
karen robinson
This was a great experience with an easy to use IT platform and support when needed. Would use again 👍
Jessica Dodson
Jessica Dodson
I was surprised at how easy the process was. And I saved myself over £4k by using Quicklister. I got to meet the viewers (all 20 of them that enquired in 24 hours) and it cut out the unknown of what people thought. I got to answer any questions they had and address any concerns upfront. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again.
Roger Elks
Roger Elks
Very easy and worth the work of doing it yourself.
Paul Chaundy
Paul Chaundy
Very good platform. Support are very fast which is good.
Lesley Farrow
Lesley Farrow
A very effective and cost efficient way to market your property. The Quicklister team is very responsive re any issues you may have and the platform is very easy to use.
Ronald Davis
Ronald Davis
Great website easy to use. Also great customer service it's just value for money. Absolutely amazing more landlords need to know about this service 👏
Kate Howlett
Kate Howlett
Such a fantastic solution for competent private landlords. Thank goodness there is now a way to get onto all the main online sites at a fraction of the cost.
Lynne Yazgan
Lynne Yazgan
I’ve just used Quicklister for the first time and, I have to say, I’m thrilled with it. Very easy to understand and upload documents, photos etc. Spoke to a few people at Quicklister and all super friendly and helpful. We went Live this morning and booked our first viewing within the hour! Highly recommended.
Frequently asked questions
How do I receive enquiries from Rightmove and Zoopla?
Written enquiries from Rightmove and Zoopla will appear in your Quicklister inbox. Telephone enquiries will be emailed to your preferred email.
What do I need to provide as proof of ownership?
There are a number of documents you can provide including:
- A land registry document
- Mortgage statement
- Property deed
- Solicitors letter confirming ownership
-Buildings insurance document
- Service charge statement
Do I need to do the viewings?
Yes, Quicklister is an advertising and remote support service nationwide.
How do I reference a tenant?
You can request and manage your reference checks via the your Quicklister account for as many applicants as you like. Reference checks are chargeable at £19.00 per reference.
What happens if the references fail?
If the initial references fail you can pay to reference alternative applicants, or ‘un-pause’ your marketing to re-list for a further period.
Supercharge your property ad on the UK’s biggest property websites.
Ready to get Started?
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